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October 2019

Borderless Workplace

Borderless collaboration

Achieve shared goals in geographically dispersed teams.

What is borderless collaboration?

Before the borderless workplace, the primary source for new business value was the individual brain.  Now it is the collective brain – distributed individuals and virtual teams combining their knowledge and skills across geographic and organizational boundaries.

Working together they find and exploit market opportunities, solve complex problems and innovate for the future.  Successful borderless collaboration is rarely the result of chance.  It is a disciplined process requiring people with the skill and will to make it happen.

Borderless collaboration - Learning paths.

Leading virtual teams

Make an optimal contribution in a virtual world.

Virtual teams are carrying a significant share of the functional and project workload in many international corporations. These teams require higher levels of attention, discipline and effort than co-located teams.

Benefits for the delegate

By completing the Virtual Teamwork Learning Path, delegates will be able to:

Managing remote workers

The creation of value both within and across enterprises remains largely untapped. Remote and agile working is the new norm. Maximizing the productive value of individuals working remotely has become a core management capability for borderless organizations.

Benefits for the delegate

By completing the Managing Remote Workers Learning Path, delegates will be able to:

Successful collaboration

Create competitive advantage through collaboration.

The speed of recent technological progress far outstrips the capacity of most managers to take advantage of the collaborative potential now on offer.

Truly successful collaboration doesn’t just happen. It has to be ‘designed’ and managed as a discipline.

Benefits for the delegate

By completing the Successful Collaboration Learning Path, delegates will be able to: